air Secure Web is a cloud-based Internet filtering and Web 2.0 security service. It provides your users with a safe and secure Internet connection, protected from threats and malware, while ensuring that Web browsing is appropriate and complies with your acceptable use policies.





Instant Deployment

Connect to the service and you’re immediately up and running.


No Upfront Expenditure

No need to purchase capital and no obsolete hardware.


Predictable Costs To Suit Any Organisation

air Secure Web offers multiple subscription options to suit you.


Enterprise-Class Security

You gain the benefit of Security infrastructure through economies of scale.


The Experts Work For You

Your our email traffic is managed 24/7 by Internet security experts and modelled against other networks to detect traffic anomalies.


Save Bandwidth and Resources

Control access to bandwidth heavy sites and applications such as YouTube – which our research has shown to consume 75%-90% of most typical organization’s bandwidth.


Strength In Numbers

You gain the benefits of being part of a larger security community.


Zero Administration

No tedious upgrades, no maintenance requirements; you always have the latest and best protection.


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