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If your company allows or wants to allow users to connect to its intranet from remote locations, you typically want to design a solution that helps your users easily connect to network resources. However, you must also minimize the risk that an attacker can gain unauthorized access to the same resources. Remote access solutions can dramatically increase the productivity and flexibility of users who work from home computers or from mobile devices such as laptops while traveling on the job.

Often user groups require different levels of remote access and may require a user experience tailored to their own requirements. It may be that users require anytime, nnywhere Secure Remote Access to personal or business applications.

At Landscape Networks we understand that each business has different needs, and each network is very different in appearance and route. Therefore, we have created a number of specialist services, and teamed up with a selection of ‘Best of Breed’ and ‘Market Leading’ technology providers to guide and assist you deal with your risks.


Each of the chosen providers listed below have their own set of solutions and all work closely with Landscape Networks to bring these to our customers. Please visit the links and contact us to discuss further.


Secure Remote Access Products:


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