Application Delivery Controllers - FortiADC

FortiADC hardware and virtual Application Delivery Controllers provide unmatched Server Load Balancing performance whether to scale an application across a few servers in a single data center or serve multiple applications to millions of users around the globe. With included SSL Offloading, HTTP Compression, Global Server Load Balancing, Firewall and Link Load Balancing, they offer the performance, features and security needed at a single all-inclusive price.



  • L4 throughput from 2.7 Gbps to 50 Gbps.

  • Complete layer 4 to 7 server load balancing solution with intelligent policy-based routing

  • Web Application Firewall and IP Reputation (subscriptions required)

  • Scripting for custom load balancing and content rewriting rules

  • Authentication Offloading speeds user authentication for secure applications

  • Qualified for Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013


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